AppExchange: The Gateway to Salesforce Customization

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You know the drill. Every week or month (or day?!) you have to export Salesforce data to Excel, manipulate them a bit, and then import the result back to Salesforce.

Maybe you incorporate some local data in the computation, or maybe you’re just more comfortable with Excel, or maybe customizing Salesforce just costs a lot time and money that you don’t have.

Whatever the reason, you know that it takes a lot of your time which you could be using to do far more meaningful things.

Is there an App for that?

To date, there are 2,810 apps on the AppExchange.
Browsing through all of them, I am amazed by the fact that there seems to be an app for just about anything.

More importantly, I realized that all these apps exist because people are trying to fill the gaps of Salesforce.

The reality is that CRMs (as with all other IT systems) need to be customized in order to fully cover the day-to-day operational needs of each organization. While customization can be tedious and costly, Salesforce’s value proposition, in my opinion, comes from its environment which allows users to easily augment its base CRM with Apps that offer additional functionalities.

Going back to the use case above, there are 108 apps from a keyword search of “Excel” on the AppExchange. Most of these apps let users manage Salesforce records with functions for mass updating, editing, adding, deleting records, and more. Other apps feature Excel as a tool used within the service they offer such as data analytics and business intelligence tool. There must be an app out there that may facilitate your needs.

Why not build your own App?

If you still can’t find an App that does exactly what you need, another option is to build the App yourself. In which case, we urge you try CalcFusion.

There are several advantages in using CalcFusion.

First and foremost, you get to use your existing Excel models. Your spreadsheets already contain the formulas and business rules and local parameters… why re-code them? After all, hard-coding them into Salesforce will make it more difficult to maintain and update, while Excel offers the flexibility and accessibility to do so.


Given that you are using Excel, you can basically create functions that will compute anything, and however you want: Sales Commissions, Sales KPI, Lead and Opportunity Scoring, Opportunity Splits, Incentive Compensation, Currency Converter, Payroll, Planning, etc. You can even do simple functions that manipulate decimal places, match numbers with remarks, and so on.


Second, CalcFusion allows you to connect live Salesforce data to your Excel, and then send Excel data back to Salesforce. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming task of exporting and importing data back and forth.

Third, turning your Excel models into Apps requires little to no programming. Initial setup involved creating an App in Salesforce, copying and pasting some information generated by CalcFusion, and defining a page layout in Salesforce.

The App that fits your needs

Whether your find an existing app or build your own app with CalcFusion, it’s very important that you customize your Salesforce environment to fit and optimize your business process. Customizing your Salesforce environment will allow you to expand the reach and scope of Salesforce throughout your organization. In effect, better ROI and increased productivity and efficiency.

If you would like to transform your Excel into an App, drop us an email at We’ll happy to provide free consultation and assistance on your first implementation.



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