Loans / Leasing

Custom loan calculations

CalcFusion gives you the freedom and flexibility to implement custom risk models, scoring algorithms, credit line calculations, funding parameters, etc. by integrating Excel calculations within your existing system.

As an integrated part of your system, CalcFusion provides the capability to rapidly deploy computations or new versions of financial models by defining your custom formulas and models on Excel spreadsheets. CalcFusion transforms Excel into API that can communicate with your existing systems enabling you to automatically execute computations using data from your system.

On the spot application assessment

Give your customers on the spot assessment based on information that they can fill-up from your website. CalcFusion can get these data and execute an Excel calculation in real-time, to provide a decision on whether or not the customer is eligible for a loan.

Rapid creation of new loan products

Realistically, by the time you are ready to make your products available to the market, you most probably have already developed the models in Excel spreadsheets during analysis stage. CalcFusion lets you use your existing spreadsheets in actual production environment as an integrated part of your system. Therefore, development time is tremendously reduced and you can roll-out new loan products in half the time.

Scheduled batch calculations

CalcFusion allows you to schedule calculations using batch data from your system. This functionality is particularly useful for monitoring customer data, by continuously calculating their credit lines though out customer lifecycle, or for internal calculations needed for reporting purposes.