Get more out of your sales apps

Sales representatives are an integral part of a drug maker’s success as they remain to be the primary vehicle in disseminating information to physicians. With the amount of money being invested into sales, it is not surprising to find that most sales reps are well equipped with tablets. There’s an app for everything: product detailing, logs for meetings, expenses, orders, tracking sales rep…
However, as noted in a Gartner report, there is a need to

“begin exploring predictive modeling as a way to turn insights into actions. Recognize that data integration is key to marrying up causal activities (what is shown and discussed) with results (what the doctor or group of doctors prescribe as a result).”

Turn insights into actions

We believe that the purpose of gathering data is to be able to analyze and drive insight from it. Sales managers can help their sales reps by making sense of the data that the sales reps have gathered. Measuring feedback, tracking behavioural patterns, and comparing results can provide significant insight on the effectiveness of their strategy. This information can eventually identify the product that specific physicians are looking for, the best time to reach them, and how they prefer to communicate.

Utilize data gathered to create measurable indicators

With CalcFusion, sales managers can create their computations and formulas in Excel and use real-time data from sales reps and CRM to produce timely and actionable measures. Some parameters can be stored within Excel and combined with data to produce more meaningful results.
Use CalcFusion to compute KPIs, sales commissions, expenses, orders, etc. Compare sales efforts to targets and send trigger-based alerts and recommendations. CalcFusion facilitates creation of new functions that provide insights and enables sales reps to make better choices for a truly effective sales strategy.