Retail in the digital world

The digital world has transformed retail into a fast-paced industry. In this digital environment, trends are no longer dictated by corporations. Consumers have taken on a more vital role in retail, wherein their insights and what they have to say actually have an impact retailers’ strategies.

Adapting to market demands

Consumer influence is growing and can be seen everywhere. Advertisements and marketing content are broadcasted through unconventional channels. Products are being customized. Promos and prices are targeted. With more options and factors to consider, retailers now face a tougher job of adapting to market demands.

Improve your time to market

Implementation time is crucial. The time you take for your idea to be ready for launch need to be up to speed with the market.
Integrating CalcFusion to your inventory system or CRM will reduce your time-to-market ideas, allowing you to instantly respond to market trends. By sending product information to CalcFusion, you can easily create formulas to be applied to a specific product or group of products. This avoids having to constantly update your database manually, whenever there is a new promo, program, or exceptions to handle.

Give product managers control

With CalcFusion, product managers are given the capability to create and deploy their programs and strategies, within IT systems. Product managers are already creating Excel models to create and test their strategies. With CalcFusion, programming the computations and business rules into your IT system is not necessary, as it could only result to longer project timeline and miscommunication. Eliminating the programming phase significantly improves time to market, allowing you to always be on top of the market trends.