Supply Chain

Optimize processes

CalcFusion enables supply chain managers to address the problems, inefficiencies, and shortcomings of IT systems. CalcFusion lets you create functions and computations within your IT systems which are still being done manually, or outside of your system. Doing so will improve the efficiency and productivity of your supply chain.

Collaborate across functions

Utilize insights from information gathered by other systems. Your organization may have a CRM, Inventory, HR, Accounting, or BI solution that may be isolated from your ERP. There are relevant data from those systems that could be utilized for predictive analysis of demand, inventory levels, costs, taxes, and talent strategy. CalcFusion allows you to create a streamlined process across functions by gathering, calculating, and integrating data from multiple systems and into your ERP.

Make your case with CalcFusion

Experts have identified two main barriers that hinder new technology adaptation in the supply chain industry to be:
>> Lack of a clear business case to justify the investment (36%)
>> Lack of adequate talent to utilize the technology effectively (31%)

CalcFusion allows you to identify problems in your supply chain, and solve it within any of your existing IT system. With this solution, you are able to add value to your existing investments, instead of adding more systems that will only require additional training and resources to properly use.

Implementing CalcFusion does not require additional talent, because it utilizes your team’s existing skill sets. Business teams are in-charge of creating your Excel models, while your IT team needs to be able to implement web services and computation triggers within your IT systems.