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A basic Currency Converter that lets you define rates based on agreed value, manage decimal place and rounding-off rules.

  • Use live currency rates from your trusted currency data provider.
  • Define your exchange rates according to your organization’s approved rate for the day, week month, or any custom time frame, or based on contractual or agreed rates.
  • Choose accepted currencies, and define default currencies for those that are not managed by your organization.
  • Define number of decimal places and rounding-off rules.
  • Convert currency against historical exchange rates.

How It Works

Calculator Interface

The interface of this calculator was built using the DynamicForm Builder, a feature of CalcFusion which automatically generates an html code from the form definition that is defined in the Excel spreadsheet.

Basically, users can prepare a worksheet which contains the labels and the type of input (text box, drop-down menu, tick box, etc.) to be displayed in the form (aka calculator interface). When the Excel spreadsheet is uploaded on CalcFusion, the DynamicForm Builder generates an HTML code (or a Callback URL, for Salesforce) that you can simply embed in your website.

The DynamicForm Builder lets you input your own style to apply on the form, for a layout that is coherent to the look and feel of your website.

Compute Process

The following procedures occur after you click on the Compute button:

  1. Input data is sent to CalcFusion
  2. CalcFusion sends input data to Excel
  3. Excel executes the computation
  4. CalcFusion gets the results from Excel
  5. CalcFusion sends the results to the interface

System Integration

Computation built with CalcFusion can also be integrated into 3rd party IT systems or enterprise software.

In which case, instead of using the DynamicForm Builder, the interface will need to be developed within the IT system. Not all computations may need an interface. Existing fields that are native your IT system can be used, instead of input data.

Using CalcFusion’s REST Api, the IT system and CalcFusion are able to communicate. This will enable the IT system to send data to CalcFusion, and for CalcFusion to send back the results to the IT system.

Processing of the results returned by CalcFusion will have to be programmed in your IT system. You can display it on the system, save it on the database, trigger another’s your choice.

All use cases